Creative Media Careers

Creativity is more than just an idea, it’s a business that’s exciting and challenging – exciting because you’re dealing with a product that relies on ideas, challenging because you have to produce those ideas.

The creativity of its staff is a company’s most valuable asset and needs to be nurtured. Ideas can be blocked, the right word not found, the visual not balanced. In such instances, creativity is stifled. As an individual, you may feel you need guidance towards your creative career goals. As a team, you may need to find the key to your creative potential. For the company as a whole, this can mean the difference between profit and loss.

Moving On understands the creative process and knows how to nurture creative staff. Its founder, Kevin Ryan, worked in illustrated publishing as a designer and art editor for twenty years. Through close interaction with authors, editors and designers, he understands both the creative pressures that people work under and the immense demands of the media world.

‘I was really unsure about the direction in which my career was heading. Moving On worked with me to clarify my goals and put in place strategies for achieving the outcomes I desired. I now have much more confidence in my decisions and a clear vision of my future.’



  • Working with individuals to progress their careers within the creative industries
  • Clearing creative blocks to let ideas flow
  • Working with teams to improve their creativity
  • Helping individuals and companies creatively brand themselves
  • Looking at work/life balance and its effects on creativity
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