Careers After Parenthood

‘Should I return to work or not?’ Many parents face this dilemma. The idea of finding that perfect job or settling back into your old job while still having the time to manage and enjoy family life can seem impossible.

'I am more confident and positive and I've learned to manage better when things don’t always work out as planned. I’ve become better at prioritising and finding my own as well as my family’s goals and needs.'


After being away from the workforce for a year or more, stay-at-home-parents may experience a loss of confidence, feel their skills are rusty and believe that potential employers’ demands may mean the work/life balance they strive for is impossible to achieve.

Coaching with Moving On can help you take that vital step back into the world of work. These days, many companies realise that they need to think outside the box about how jobs are structured and performed. These organisations are implementing flexible working practices that satisfy the needs of their employees. Those that don’t embrace flexibility are missing out on a valuable resource – YOU.

So how can parents – both mums and dads – find a good balance when returning to work, and not fall victim to those nagging feelings that they have sacrificed either their career or their family life, or both? Career coaching can help you to consider the options and introduce practical ideas to make your transition back to work easier.


  • Helps you consider what you’ll gain by returning to your career, both in the long and short term
  • Encourages you to review your personal needs and those of your family
  • Works with you to review your skills and experiences, strengths, motivations, values and interests.
  • Allows you to explore all possible job options
  • Prepares you for return to the workforce, through considering retraining or reassessing your former career.
  • Motivates you to surround yourself with those who can support you in your transition from one way of life to another
  • Works with you to set goals for your return to work, and provides you with the tools needed to achieve your goals
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