I came into coaching after 20 years in the publishing industry as a designer, a background that has given me deep insight into the creative mind and personality. In my managerial role, I also saw the way careers developed within a large company and how people could be helped to grow within their work.

I qualified with The Coaching Academy in 2005. As well as a coach, I am a counsellor accredited by the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (www.bacp.co.uk) and follow their code of ethics. I am also a qualified bereavement counsellor with Cruse Bereavement Care (http://www.cruse.org.uk) and have experience working
with addiction.

My counselling website is 


I often liken the process of coaching to that of observing a washing machine, looking through the glass door and seeing everything on fast spin, blurring into a mass of colours and shapes. You can see a bit of a blue shirt or a sock flying around, but nothing is distinct. Sometimes it can feel like that when you're overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions, everything in your mind spinning around in confusion.

When the machine stops, you take out your washing and hang it on a line, and then you can see which shirt goes with which trousers and which socks match. Some small item could have discoloured your white shirts, but once it's all out and separated, you can see the damage and take steps to remedy it. Coaching is like putting your issues out on the clothesline and allowing you to step back, understand what's there and take action.

'Kevin's personable and professional guidance has helped me to clear all my debt and set a date to purchase my first property. I've also started a job where I receive three times more income than before and I have enhanced my rugby training and lifestyle.'

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